Capri's elegance and tradition.
The most precious materials
in the island's most ancient boutique.

Massa Capri means the unique Capri style embracing pure and 100% Italian materials. This harmony gets crystallized in completely handmade and Made in Italy fine clothes, thanks to precious details and valuable manifacture.

Linen and more fine Italian fabrics.

Each of Massa Capri clothes shines thanks to the elegant preciousness of its raw materials. The most loved is the Made in Italy Linen, completely and only hand-woven. He’s the indisputed King of jackets, trousers and bermuda shorts, made with 100% Linen.

Alongside there’s the fine Made in Italy cotton sateen. Hand-printed only, it’s uniqueness resides in its extra-fine silky finish. The final touch is represented by mother-of-pearl buttons.

Unmistakable manifacture.

When creating a handmade dress, every single moment is sacred. Every perception, every gesture every touch from our craftsmen sensitive and accurate. When their expert hands meet the precious material, they handle and shape it with artistic lightness.

That’s how movements, sounds and unexpected kinds of magic are born in the laboratories, all leading to the exceptional final result. Someone wished for it, and it was made possible. But that was only possible thanks to the quality manifacture.

Our Story

Massa Capri was born during the 19th century,
and since then, during over 150 years it has always embodied excellence, luxury and elegance.

Massa Capri excellence was born in 1855, when Giuseppe Massa created the boutique – the most ancient one on the island – in Via Vittorio Emanuele 36. In that road where he called his luxury dresses “Tricot de Luxe”, the story of Massa Capri shined in three different centuries.

During the 20th Century, the family kept on going with passion, also caring to give the boutique a brand new energy. They wre being able to make treasure of the previous experiences while looking towards the future, following new colors and trends and, at the same time, never forgetting the original values, pillars and styles.

The same timeless style, embodied in new forms, is still by the name of Massa, keeping on going in its journey as passionate as ever.

Unforgettable moments

The incredible power of photography hands us a marvelous gift, imprinting some shining moments of the past into eternity, letting us see our ancient boutique and its fabrics. In those years, when Capri became a symbol of fashion, the flourishing Capri style allowed the island to become a desired destination for many famous personalities.

Actors and celebrities visited the boutique to choose their favourite mise to carry with them around the world. In the old photos we can recognize the Divine Gilda, Rita Hayworth, followed by a large number of fans; and the handsome King of Hollywood Clark Gable, well known by many generations for his unique charm in Gone with the Wind.