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1 | Our private selling

Massa Capri clothes are handmade, so each purchase is completed with a private selling. Visit the shop and fill the form in the product page. Send your message and we will answer you within 24 hours, giving you the necessary information to complete your purchase. In your message, please let us know if you wish to buy more products. Also add every useful detail such as exact sizes. Every Massa Capri dress sartorial, so it can be customized to match your exact measures.

2 | Payment methods

The private payment of Massa Capri orders can be completed with credit card or via bank transfer. If it’s your first time purchasing in our shop, no need to worry: during our private selling and conversation, we will provide you every information you need to complete your transaction. Then you won’t have to do anything else: we will ship your order within 24 hours after receiving your payment.

3 | Shipping methods

Massa Capri orders are shipped with TNT Express Delivery, and can be shipped worldwide. You can order precious products without any worry: we’ll take care of protecting every item with the right packaging. Orders from outside Italy are usually delivered within 7 days from the shipping date.

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